Puerto Princesa Underground River Puerto Princesa Underground River

Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park is the most significant biodiversity areas of Philippines. It has karst landscape and spectacular limestone which comprise of 8.2 km long Underground River. The amazing aspect of this river is that it will flows directly into the ocean and lower half of the river is briny and subjected to the tidal influence. This area denotes important surroundings for biodiversity conversation. It has full mountains to sea ecosystem and protects the forests that are significant in Asia. Puerto Princesa Underground River is the biggest navigable underground river in the globe. It is the only river in which the public may easily appreciate and experience.

It is believed as the seven wonders of the nature. The divided area in the river will be covered by the primary forests that are a home to several endemic species of plants and animals. Puerto Princesa Underground River is situated at Bahile city of Palawan. The beautiful river may be reached in 2 ways: trekking by monkey trail and by a pump boat ride. Another route can also be taken in order to reach Bahile town through pump boat ride from Bahile wharf. The individuals need to take 2.1 km trek in order to reach the entrance of Puerto Princesa Underground River.

A ride on boat to the underground river will be a wonderful sight of Palawan coasts. Monkey trail can be more fun when people like to view loose monkeys during the trail. People can have a trip on the way to popular Puerto Princesa Underground River because it will be a thrilling experience. When people reach the entrance they require a banca in order to transport by sea and straightly into the mouth of cave to navigate eight kilometer river stretch.

The cave will be filled with darkness which engulfs the spot with mystical ambience. There will be a single light source in the cave and that too comes from the kerosene in banca. The individuals can turn every side of the cave and can view the excellent beauties of stalagmites and stalactite which are formed in numerous shapes. It mainly resembles the religious birds, fruits and images. People can emerge from the entrance of the river because it looks like welcoming light which reflects cool and blue green water of lagoon. The limestone and marble mountain enclosing it which can be a pleasant sight.

For many years, Puerto Princesa Underground River accessed only by the dedicated adventures that will be prepared to travel for many hours in 4-wheel driver along the dirt and then they stay in prehistoric accommodation. Now, new roads are made and there are number of visitors visit this Puerto Princesa Underground River in a comfortable and safety way. According to the convenience of the travelers, there are many hotels situated near to it.

Hibiscus Garden will be the best place for accommodation. It offers basic services and amenities at an affordable rate. It includes number of services like internet connection, reading room, business centre, restaurants, etc. When visiting Puerto Princesa River, people can stay in these hotels for better accommodation.

It is located at the hub of elegant Palawan city in Puerto, this star hotel is made by a hot and familiar facility. For those who look luxury staying, the hotel of Ardent Suites is the best money-saving hotel which takes concern of visitors holiday needs. A comfort and welcoming three star lodging launch at the center of Puerto Princesa in Philippines. This is having many resorts and spa centers nearby. People from all over the world come here to see this attractive place during their vacation.